Good News! You Get to Be Happy and Have Fun!

Get in touch with the tiny delights, let go and make some time for FUN.
I know sometimes you may get caught up in the business of life, but life is too short not to enjoy it and with the right people.

When I was younger I was taught to walk, how to eat, how to read, how to add and even how to drive a car. No one ever taught me how to think. They did however teach me why I should think a certain way. Have you ever taken a thought management class? Why wasn’t that available in University, College or any school for that matter?
Why wasn’t managing your thoughts ever an option to have in your life?

Looking back I know I went through my life, like many of my clients, thinking what I was told to think, shown by example of how to think and reprimanded if I deviated from that example. I lived the blueprint of my mother and father. That meant the good and bad sides. We all have them but wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to know what those were and move past them with each new generation rather than reliving old crap. Then when I got married, again there was a certain way of thinking that was upheld, which never felt right for me. In time I left because it wasn’t in sync with my personal core values.
I knew better.
I know better.
It takes time to unravel a way of being, thinking and doing. Sometimes we figure it out, sometimes we don’t or possibly someone is bold enough to point it out.
Living a certain “way” doesn’t mean it’s right. I also know that this CAN be a choice. To live in a place that inspires freedom, happiness, fun and creativity feels amazing.

Empower you assignment:

Make a list of 3 fun activities that you can act on this week. Ask friends to join or better yet join the Participaction 150 in celebration of Canada turning 150 years young.
Reminder to do an activity daily, be mindful of thoughts, people in your company and that Fun is important to add to your week.

What can you do today? What can you do right now?


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