Enjoy a Resolution-Free New Year


How about No resolutions this year and plan for something better, more simplified, super clear, and way more fun?

First off, STOP complicating what you want to do and start thinking in terms of quick and easy solutions. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What am I talking about? Goals. Dreams. Doing something that feeds all of you.

I’ve said it before: It’s okay to love the process. And part of loving the process is not unnecessarily complicating what you’re after.

When we set goals, we tend to create complex plans and rigid spiritual routines. We apply the vision of perfection which isn’t realistic.

We’ve got lists upon lists of things to accomplish, foods to eat and not eat, cardio to fit in, meditations for prosperity and peace, stones to ward off negativity, energy to clear away, different types of therapy.

Then it happens…

We feel guilty when we don’t do everything on our daily list, when we fall behind, when we’re tired and just want to hunker down under a blanket and watch a movie or power through a season of Suits.

All these tools listed are great. There’s nothing wrong with spiritual routines. And there are tons of practices that can and do improve lives. But if you’re on a mission to achieve a new resolution that is truly running you ragged—then it’s going to miss the point by a long shot.

You’ll know you’ve found the goals that are aligned with your core desired feelings when the path to your intentions makes you feel more alive, not less. When you can trust that what you feel is holy. When your daily to-dos feel clean and free at a deep level. When your routines increase your sense of self-love and self-worth, not diminish them. When you make room for rest rather than give all you have with nothing in return.

Empower your health for the New Year is the way to say yes to the things that light you up. Soulfully connected resolutions will feel expansive—big ideas, big vision, big heart, big transformation—but never burdensome.

It’s 2017, time for a more simplified version of goals. Take it one at a time and build a solid foundation you can be proud of.


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