Make Your Family Great Again!

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Make Your Family Great Again

Family Matters

Family Matters

Despite the perfect picture families that always seem to loom over us on television, posters and bill boards, there are many more complexities and dynamics to families than all smiles and laughter. At the end of the day, every family member is important, family matters.

Each family is different, and all families have their own issues, but with the right amount of work and determination you can make your family life the very best it can be through developing your relationships and learning more about yourself and your relatives. No one’s family life is perfect; but you can make yours better, so why not?

Often in this busy life we all lead, time slips away and sometimes disconnect creeps in. As children get older they don’t really want to hang out with us and rather talk on the phone, text, facetime, snapchat, watch TV or play a game. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

How can you create that family bond again and bring everyone back into A CONNECTION?

The family is a unit and a team. Resetting ground rules for the household is really important. Everyone deserves respect, to be respected, heard and given the opportunity to communicate their voice. Isn’t that what we need to teach them to begin with.  Develop a family code. Never over talk. Let each side speak up.

Understand your family well. If you don’t then there can be many misunderstandings and fights. Be with them whenever you can and get to know them better. A lot of families now don’t get to know each other too well because they’re too busy. Plan some family time, like, a movie, or a family game, or even as little as eating dinner together.

Try not to allow children to manipulate otherwise once they figure out what works and the games will begin. As parents it’s important to stick together unless a situation warrants a parent to support the child’s side. Ultimately it’s your duty as a parent to protect your child.

Give time. No one wants to be ignored just for some meeting or work. Give time to each and every one of them so you can understand every individual properly and this can prevent any misunderstandings in the future. Years ago I read a book called, The Five Love Languages by.

Never talk poorly of another parent if there’s a separation of divorce. I recall taking a course after my separation focused on how to support the family during a separation or divorce. This is a reminder to keep your thoughts or opinions about the Ex-partner to yourself when the children are in the house. Sound travels and it’s not fair to them if they’re hearing things that really need to be kept between parents. I strongly suggest if you are frustrated and need to speak with someone while the children are in the house to go outside for a walk or call a friend while on your walk. If you can wait, set up an appointment with a specialist or coach to help you navigate through the difficult times without impacting the children.

Lastly, and this reflects off of respect in #1. Everyone wants to be valued and above all loved. A home is supposed to be a “safe” haven for all not a place of stress and overwhelm. Try to work as a unit, a team.

Celebrate each others successes. Children love to see their parents thrive and succeed too. Keep them in the loop when it comes to a new job, position and awards. Otherwise what are you teaching your children?
I would like to take the time to say thank you for responding to last weeks message. I always love to get feedback and insight.

Families Are Like Branches

Families Are Like Branches

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