The Healing Power of Stones

The Power of Stones and Crystals

The Power of Stones and Crystals

“Be growth-minded, a guide, not a judge.” Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

What does the energetic quality of stones or crystals have to do with you health?

Everything in the world and universe revolves around energy. Health is simply THE natural state of being. When we experiences disruptions in energy such as stress, negative experiences, society’s social pressure and irregular lifestyle behaviors, it throws the body, mind and energy into an irregular state. This whole process then moves the body into a DIS-EASED state.

Thoughts, words and actions impact everything including your personal energy.

As you are reading this information on your computer, phone, laptop or tablet, you are using something that has been created using a stone or crystal.  The basis of all technology revolves around them.

Since I was a child I was fascinated with stones. I used to search them out on beaches, during hikes, or visits to new lands and territories. Then I got busy with life and raising a family.

In 2004 I happened to be visiting a small town near Sedona, Arizona and came across a store filled with them. The owner of the store was a master healer of Integrated Energy Therapy and she used stones to help heal. It fascinated me to no end!

Over the course of many years I have had experiences through people using stones, applying this use of them with clients who are open to it and now have a small collection of unique stones and crystals, all serving a purpose.

One of my first stones I ever purchased was Rose Quartz. I can’t explain it but as someone who you may think has confidence it used to be one of my biggest crutches. Over time I’ve gained so much and my perspective on how stones or crystals can help heal has radically changed because of my experience and results.

They all have a unique vibration of energy, a pattern to help unblock areas of a person that remains “stuck”. They are a great ADDITION to Traditional medicine. I would never suggest that they be used solely as a way to support your health. Always consult a doctor.

And when it comes to your health, the more you tune into you, the better you become at resolving obstacles and challenges, along with a great support system.

What are the top stones to use?

Well that depends on what you need and what you are drawn to. Here’s a shortlist of some that you can review. Feel free to watch the short video at the end of the list that provides some insight into the nature of stones and crystals.

For today I will provide a stone as it relates to your chakras (top to bottom energy areas) and how it can help with energy held within the body.

Clear quartz (The Crown Chakra) – a master healer, helps with clarity and focus. (INDIGO)

Amethyst (Third Eye) – improves intuition and repel negativity. (PURPLE)

Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra) – promotes communication and expression.(BLUE)

Aquamarine (Heart) – it helps to promote healer and protector the heart of past relationships. (GREEN)

Citrine (Solar Plexus) – it helps to promote creativity and energy within the body. (YELLOW)

Amber (Sacral Chakra) – it helps with the grieving process and remove toxic relationships. (ORANGE)

Carnelian (Root Chakra) – improves confidence, sexuality and vitality (RED).

Let me know if you start using a stone or crystal and share what you’ve noticed.

Have a great week,

Love Coach Christie


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